How will my donation be spent?

Child sponsorship

We currently support a music outreach programme at the Ngoma Dolce Music Academy. This programme supports children who show great musical potential but who cannot afford lessons at the Academy.  This year, we are supporting 13 year-old Alufeo Banda and 12 year-old Selina Chisenga, who have begun learning the trumpet.

Visting Musicians

We are interested in the exchange of musical heritage and expertise between the UK and Zambia. We actively encourage musicians, whether composers, singers, instrumentallists or conductors, to visit Zambia.  This branch of our work is key to promoting cultural understanding.

Teacher Training

Teachers need training to deliver music lessons and outreach sessions. Some of this training can be provided by visiting musicians. Courses on pedagogy, such as on the Suzuki method, are also available in South Africa. The Trust has been able to support Obrien, a self-taught violin teacher in Lusaka, in his attendance of one such course.

  • Equipping music leaders in rural communities with stationery so that they can build a collection of music written and performed by members of their communities.
  • Equipping schools with tablets loaded with apps which support music-teaching, allowing students to view scores and listen to recordings
  • Provide recording equipment to document performances and also as a further teaching aid.
Music workshops

Music brings people together. We support ensembles whose members are of any age. We have supported Vox Zambezi, a chamber choir made up of talented young Zambian singers, who specialise in a unique mix of traditional Zambian music and Western sacred music from the fifteenth century to the present day. Our summer programme and visiting musician programmes have also supported workshops for children in rural southern Zambia and deprived communities in Lusaka.