Muze Online: lesson 1 

Musical manuscript, clefs, and ledger-lines.

1) Create your own stave on a blank piece of paper if you do not already own musical manuscript paper (a ruler will help to keep your lines straight!). A stave is created of 5 horizontal lines which are then segmented by vertical bar lines.


2) Practise drawing the treble clef (also known as the G- clef) at the start of your stave, ensuring that it circles around the second horizontal line from the bottom. You should always start with a clockwise motion. (You can trace the two dotted treble clefs on the example sheet to practice the right motion.)


3) Practise drawing some extra ledger lines above and below the stave (those below the stave will indicate lower notes whilst those above the save will indicate higher notes). You may find that it helps to draw arrows on this example to remind you that ascending pitch travels up the stave, whilst descending pitch travels down the stave.

lesson 1 screenshot.png
Screenshot 2021-01-01 at 21.45.16.png