Muze Online

As is the case for most organisations, Covid-19 has made things difficult for the Muze Trust this year. Whilst visiting our friends & colleagues in Zambia was not a possibility over the summer, we still wanted to provide them with resources to help them grow in their musical knowledge, as well as consolidate the teaching we had done during previous years. Belle Allan and Rachel Hill have been working together since their visit to Zambia in 2019 to compile helpful resources and disseminate them both through Whatsapp and online.


These online music theory classes will hopefully provide a foundational knowledge for both children and adults, as well as reinforcing knowledge for Zambian teachers who can go on to use these resources in music lessons. They will cover a broad range of topics including rhythm, melody and harmony, and will enable the reader to go on and use this knowledge within both classroom and practical music making. These resources have been provided for free by the Muze Trust to encourage and help facilitate music making and composition whilst we cannot visit in person.