The Muze Trust

We are a charity which believes in the power of music in facilitating intercultural dialogue and understanding, as well as its role in enriching lives. We are privileged to work with educators and musicians in Zambia and to put those outside Zambia in touch with its rich cultural heritage.

We aim to complement the work being carried out by other organisations in the provision of sanitation and medication. We support the provision of educational and cultural infrastructure through helping urban and rural communities continue to make music. We are also concerned with the preservation of Zambia's musical tradition and its dissemination outside of Zambia.


Our aim is to ensure that children and adults in disadvantaged communities have access to music education and are supported in performing music. We want to ensure music leaders are equipped with the notation skills required to record and pass on music to future generations. Finally, we want to make sure the rich Zambian music tradition is shared. 


This is our vision.

Thank you for helping us to achieve this.


Supporters & Collaborators

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